Success Playbooks

 Eureka Playbook

CallMiner has developed a series of Eureka Success Playbooks to provide step-by-step instructions for utilizing specific Eureka content (both out-of-the-box and custom) to achieve quantifiable ROI.

At LISTEN 2017, CallMiner is introducing Eureka Success Playbooks on 17 different plays. Each Playbook aligns with a specific use case such as efficiency, customer experience, performance management, sales effectiveness or risk and compliance.

Attendees at the conference will receive a thumb-drive in the welcome pack with all fifteen Playbooks.
These Playbooks are designed for all types of analysts:

Beginner Playbooks:

Utilizes out-of-the-box content and basic metadata attributes & measures. For analysts that have completed product training.

Intermediate Playbooks:

Utilizes more advanced out-of-the-box content or simple custom created content, along with basic metadata attributes & measures. For analysts with several months working with the product.

Advanced Playbooks:

Utilizes advanced custom created content, along with advanced metadata attributes & measures. For seasoned analysts.

Here is a list of the Eureka Success Playbooks attendees will receive at LISTEN 2017.

The Eureka Playbook Matrix