Great Escape Challenge

Agent Honey Bee, a secret operative for government agency H.I.V.E, has gone missing while undercover as a speech analyst at Consumer Goods, Inc where she was trying to identify the organizer of a black-market smuggling ring. You have been tasked with locating Honey Bee using the clues she left behind.

Honey Bee used Consumer Goods, Inc’s speech analytics platform, CallMiner Eureka, while she was undercover and we think she left behind some covert information about her mission. Her laptop was found in her hotel room and it has the ability to access the Consumer Goods system to allow you to search and solve her clues.  Unfortunately it also has a tracking device on it that will lead the Consumer Goods, Inc task force to you.

Teams of six will have 45 minutes to use your Eureka know-how to solve a series of puzzles, unlock the clues, escape the room and complete your mission.


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