Relational Learning - Round Table

October 26, 2017

11:15 AM  -  12:05 PM
Round Table - Executive Discussion

This session will cover the use of interaction analytics for tracking and managing compliance disputes, complaints and alleged infractions. This customer-led session will review how users have successfully incorporated CallMiner Eureka as a key component of their compliance management program.

1:15 PM  -  2:05 PM
Advanced - Executive Roundtable

Program owners will discuss how they are using gamification techniques and competitions to motivate and engage agents and teams to improve performance and strive for excellence.

2:15 PM  -  3:05 PM
Round Table - Executive Discussion

Hindsight is 20/20. Learn what worked and what didn’t from others who have been in your shoes. If you are new to analytics or have recently deployed Eureka, this session is for you.

3:30 PM  -  4:20 PM
Round Table - Executive Discussion

How is/can your company use Eureka to measure how well your values are represented in customer interactions? Attend this round table discussion to hear how your peers are have addressed this need.

October 27, 2017

Voice Analytics Across Borders

Sea Side/Sea Shore

9:45 AM  -  10:35 AM
Round Table - Executive Discussion

Phillips & Cohen will share their CallMiner international expansion experiences and best practices.

11:00 AM  -  11:50 AM
Round Table - Executive Discussion

You’ve been using speech analytics for three-plus years and you’ve addressed all the low-hanging fruit and several other issues. Now what? In this session we will discuss what you and your peers are doing for a second circuit? In some cases that means going back to basics.

12:10 PM  -  12:50 PM
Round Table - Executive Discussion

Real Time monitoring goes well beyond simply compliance. Customers are also implementing and incorporating real-time analytics to improve customer outcomes as well as accelerate training and on-boarding of new agents. This session will also include EurekaLive tips, tricks and lesson learned.

Grab lunch and head for the Sea Side/Sea Shore room for this session.

1:00 PM  -  1:50 PM
Roundtable - Executive

In the round table participants will discuss the culture changes and other on-boarding tactics that positively affect technology adoption within the contact center and beyond.

2:00 PM  -  2:50 PM
Roundtable - Executive

In this round table Lee will facilitate discussion on the role of analytics for identifying innovation opportunities in customer management and what this could mean for contact centers and the evolution of customer journeys.