Marvie Wright

Marvie Wright - Dialog Direct
Training & Quality Manager
Training & Quality Control Manager

Marvie Wright is the current Director of leadership/Sales Training at Dialog Direct. She is a member of the National Adult Development and Training (ADT) organization as well as a Learning and Development Specialist with a Master’s degree in Adult Education and Training. Her extensive experience in training/coaching in business to business sales, business process strategies, sales cycle processes and customer satisfaction makes her a value to the organization. Marvie has a verified ability to visualize and spearhead training strategies to drive top-line performance and bottom-line sales results. Her expertise in instructional design, comprehensive research and business skill gap analysis places her at the top of her industry. Marvie’s strongest asset is her ability to quickly identify sales trends within an organization, develop preventative resolution and execute the plan through facilitation of coaching /training. Her proven training success has been demonstrated through the launch of Volkswagen/Audi, Maserati and development of a six step call process for our Ford/Lincoln projects.

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October 27, 2017
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