Stomping Out Fraud with Speech Analytics & Voice Biometrics

October 26, 2017

Allyson Keown - Axcess Financial

Allyson Keown

Speech Analytics Administrator

Mia Puzo

Technical Lead

3:30 PM  -  4:20 PM
Opal Sun
Advanced Customer Engagement Analytics - Executive

Impersonators, fraudsters, identity thieves all pose serious problems for our contact centers, business, and customers. Combining advanced speech analytics with voice biometrics provides the killer combination required to stop perpetrators in their tracks. In this joint presentation from Nuance and Axcess Financial, presenters will:

– Demystify the world of fraud with key practices and definitions
– Share a case study for how Eureka is being used today to identify potential fraudulent activity
– Discuss how Voice Biometrics works with Speech Analytics to provide a full circle solution to identify known fraudsters and identify unknown/potential fraudsters

Session Category :  Advanced Customer Engagement Analytics  Executive Sessions