Keynote: Listen and Act – Creating and Leveraging a Truly “Omni-Channel”, Integrated Voice of the Customer Program

October 27, 2017

Bill Price - Antuit

Bill Price


8:45 AM  -  9:30 AM
Opal Ball Room
Advanced Engagement Analytics - Analyst

Every company knows how important it is to collect voice of the customer (VOC), so multiple departments tend to elicit VOC that fits its department’s requirements or mandates. This means that in very few cases is the entire customer journey viewed as a thread, from the customer’s perspective. However, by applying lessons from “Best Service leaders” and “Me2B Leaders”, based on my two books, now you can pull together these VOC elements and form a more complete picture, one that can lead to blindingly new insights and much tighter connection with your customers.

In this session, I will cover these three main points and leave you with some takeaways “to apply on Monday morning”:

1. Creating a “Listen & Act” culture, instead of silo’d views of the customer and splintered or sub-optimal approaches.
2. Building a “You know me, you remember me” process.
3. Pulling together an integrated voice of the customer (I-VOC) program.

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