Keynote: Exceeding Customer Expectations with Talk Triggers (…and where to find them)

October 26, 2017

Jay Baer


10:00 AM  -  11:00 AM
Opal Ball Room
Advanced Engagement Analytics - Analyst

Customer experience is how you make your customers feel. Great customer experience occurs when you exceed customer expectations. And when you do so, customers are COMPELLED to talk about you.

Jay Baer, New York Times best-selling author of five books and advisor to more than 700 companies will present the role Talk Triggers play in helping you exceed customer expectations, and how pervasive insight and access to data such as through speech analytics, can help you identify Talk Triggers.



First, Jay will discuss the concept of Talk Triggers – critical differentiators that turn customers into volunteer marketers. Jay will demonstrate multiple examples of Talk Triggers, and emphasize how many of the best companies in the world advertise the least, because their products and services COMPEL word-of-mouth, thus generating awareness at no cost.

Jay will also have brand-new, custom research to demonstrate the impact of Talk Triggers on customer conversations and sentiment. But, critically important is WHERE Talk Triggers come from: interactions with current customers, often via the telephone.

Jay will showcase multiple examples of companies modifying their operations based on customer feedback; pervasive insights that stem from speech analtyics and the voice of the customer. However, for these insights to be more than just “hmmm, that’s interesting” – for them to go beyond data and become differentiating Talk Triggers – the insights produced by analytics and LISTEN attendees must be merchandised internally. The real customer for LISTEN attendees are other departments in the enterprise. Jay will discuss how and why so many CX/VoC professionals are not particularly good at marketing and promoting their own work (like Vulcans, they are governed by data, and marketing is inherently about emotion); and will provide specific tips and ideas for raising the internal profile of attendees’ work. These actionable takeaways will make this session not only insightful, hyper-relevant, and funny as hell, but truly useful for LISTEN participants.

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