How to Make Speech Analytics Part of Your DNA

October 26, 2017

Richard Britt

Richard Britt

Dir. Consumer Data & Strategy

2:15 PM  -  3:05 PM
Opal Sun
Interaction Analytics Fundamentals - Executive

In this session we will discuss the challenges and successes in making CallMiner Analytics part of your company’s DNA. Encore Capital will share how they have achieved this goal. Rick Britt will lead this session and share the full spectrum of “never do this” to “try this it really works”. The encore team share what they have honestly tried but failed, their accidental successes, and the successful strategies used to make Speech Analytics into a fully recognized analytical department that provides trusted results, and is seen and as a crucial part of our organization. From the CEO down we are fortunate to often be among the first asked to assist with a problem or define a solution.

Session Category :  Executive Sessions  Interaction Analytics Fundamentals